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Welcome to Fimi Nae

My name is Nanna and I am the face behind the small business Fimi Nae. On this page you will have the opportunity to hear more about me and the story behind my company. If you are interested in knowing more about me and my company, you should finally read on, will follow you through my journey with the company and the inspirations behind it

Inspiration behind the brand

The inspiration behind my company Fimi Nae comes from a mix of the beautiful colors, inspired by the Californian nature and the simple Scandinavian style. California and Scandinavia... How is it connected? If we rewind time a little to 2016, I lived in the USA, specifically Los Angeles in California. Here I lived in a big city full of life and color. My products are carefully selected to match the Scandinavian style, but with a touch of the American style. 

Inspired by California and Scandinavia, there is a young woman behind the brand. My name is Nanna and I am 22 years old. I originally created Fimi Nae with the aim of making a difference in girls/women's everyday life. I saw the need for stylish comfy wear, as I have often found myself in a situation where I wanted to wear comfortable clothes that I could feel comfortable in, while also looking good. See our linen collection here:

My first clothing collection

My first collection "Linen collection" was created for stylish comfort, while linen creates an incredibly comfortable material.  The inspiration for the collection started in the summer of 2021, as I was on a summer house trip to the beautiful danish city Skagen. When I came home from the trip I saw the need for linen pants in more sizes than there were on the market at that time, and that was the beginning of Fimi Nae. In February 2022 I was ready to launch my first collection.

I created Fimi Nae to help you become the best version of yourself. The vision behind Fimi Nae is to offer products that optimize your everyday life. The clothes help to optimize your wardrobe, with good quality products at fair prices that I have carefully designed and selected.


The inspiration behind the name "Fimi Nae comes from the fact that I have always had a vision that the company should be aimed at women. In Latin, women means "Femina", which I think is a beautiful word. In addition, my nickname has always been "Nae Nae". This has created the basis for the name "Fimi Nae". Fimi Nae is therefore a combination of two essential elements for the company. Women who are my focus area and the person behind the company. It symbolizes the way I run the company, where I collaborate with my customers and will be available just for you.

Thank you for taking your time to read about my company and thank you for supporting small businesses. 


Welcome to Fimi Nae